Cracow: 3-Hour Vodka Tasting Tour Best Places Only


Go on a journey through the vodka culture of Poland on a 3 hour tasting tour in Cracow, and visit 4 different places to taste 6 different types of vodka. Each of us on the holiday is asking himself the same question, where should I go party? But don’t worry we know the best places in this beautiful city and we taking you there! All places are carefully chosen to show you the various atmospheres that reflect different periods of Polish culture. Spend your evening with us and take part in vodka tasting which you will remember forever!
Duration: 3 hours, Monday - Sunday




  • Taste 7 different kinds of polish vodka
  • Discover polish culture of drinking vodka
  • Visit 4 carefully chosen places in Cracow
  • Taste 2 typical polish appetizers
  • You will have amazing memories from Cracow
  • Try a traditional Poznan vodka made from hazelnuts


If you prefer knowing the country by its liquors and the city by its bars, then this is what you need! For the whole time you are accompanied by a guide who helps you understand Polish culture, customs and cuisine. During the tour you will learn to separate fact from fiction, and discover which Polish vodkas are the best or indeed if they have any flavor at all. Discover how vodka is produced, whether vodka was invented in Poland or Russia?

After that we’ll have the pleasure to inviting you to the restaurant which has huge variety of vodkas in the world! We would like to present you here original polish vodka from PRL ages! But for some it might be too easy, so we have something for tough guys! We proudly present you delicious, overpowering 63% plum brandy, you can choose it on one's own responsibility. In this place we will teach you the way of drinking vodka in Poland nowadays and hundreds of years ago. Here you will taste delicious polish snacks.

Afterwards, we decided to take you to truly climatic place. Here, in a bar dating back to 60s’ you will enjoy the atmosphere and spirits they have. The guide will tell you about the fascinating, yet harsh communist times in Torun and in Poland. Vodka is an inherent part of Polish culture – it’s hard to imagine any celebration without it. It plays also an important role in daily life as far as vodka is the most sociable drink. And our guide will describe you how it has changed over the centuries.

The third place we will invite you, it’s a very charming place, we won’t to tell you too much, but in this pub you will like a movie star on a big screen...

The last shot bar where we will take you is really unusually place in which vodka serving has grown into an art form. It’s a true show where the best barmans are preparing fancy shots in many compositions. In this place you will find out how tasty shots can be! 

Price includes

  • 7 shots in 4 different places
  • Polish snacks
  • Professional guide
  • Souvenir photos and record emailed to you after the tour


  • Of course after testing we will take care of you! We can call taxi for you, you can stay at the pub for more or we can show you where you can go party.
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Monday - Sunday
  • Meeting Point: In front of the house at Mały Rynek 4 (4 Small Market Square, Old Town).

Meeting point

ID: 6109; Explore Gdańsk