1,5h axe throwing in the centre of Cracow

Kraków, Polska



Get out some pent-up aggression hurling axes at a wooden target in this Old Town cellar right off of ul. Grodzka. The largest such complex in PL, Axe Nation offers 5 lanes for up to 5 players each. This is serious competition following the official rules of the Canadian National Axe Throwing Federation (that's a real thing), and they even have a league if you get hooked. Games take 90mins and cost 250zł (2-5 players). Incredibly satisfying (even for non-Canucks), and ideal for stags or 'team building.' But is there a bar, you ask? They're working on it. 

Each lane has table and seats, where you can catch a breath from the competition and cheer for the rest of the players. The level of competition will be adjusted to both your needs and abilities. We will help you with choosing the right axe and gradually introduce you to more advanced form of the play. 

Our place can fill up to 25 people: 5 lanes for up to 5 players each. In case of booking for more than 5, please note that you need to book the right amount of lanes.

Price includes

  • 1,5 h axe throwing for 2 - 5 people on each lane,
  • axe rental for every player,
  • general training


  • AXE NATION is a place dedicated to adults only.
  • Before booking please make sure you know the basic rules.

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